About the Author

I have a great passion for creative writing and I have been writing short stories, novellas, and novels since I was in the seventh grade.  From the moment I picked up a pen and wrote "Once upon a time", a beginning I ended up erasing and started with another, for a homework assignment I allowed my creative mind to flow through my hands and onto that blank piece of paper.  I ended up getting a B+ for that one thousand word story, but for whatever reason, it got me wanting to create my own worlds beyond reality.

There's a sense of enjoyment I have in creating dynamic characters with unique personalities, traits and backgrounds and having them interact with each other.  I like to tell my stories through actions and adventures my characters take in the worlds I create. I want to share my stories with readers from around the world and I hope they find themselves immersed in the worlds I create and fall in love my protagonist and their sidekicks and enraged by my antagonist and their evil henchmen.

I enjoy writing a wide range of genre, particularly epic adventures filled with action and thrills.  I've recently tried my hand at adding some romance between my characters to further develop them.

My goal in life is to one day walk into a bookstore, see my stories published in a hardcover book, pick it up, and hope people enjoy reading my words as I think back to the memories I have of writing it.

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